Creative Alert Youth Network (CRAYON) came into fusion on 24th March 2008 through constant intreractions on issues pertaining to youth development. With an ever dynamic society we find our self today, it is prudent that we have a dream which seeks the welfare of the youth: to put them at the center stage and assist them to deal with the limited opportunity they face so as to assure them there could be a better future.


There are many young people out there who are fraustrated and see no usefulness in living exept for having access to food, clothing and shelter. Predominantly, the youth is faced with problems such as unemployment, diseases, exploitation, and many more. It is therefore imperative to meet the diverse needs of the youth. Who would do it? We in CRAYON believe that we have to take a lead in dealing with our own proplems and extend our services to the society for them to also recognise our impotance and reciprocate.


* Service In Community/ Societies (Clean ups, Voluntary service - Environment,health, education, etc.)

* Education ( Floats,Outreach,Field Trips, Tours, Serminars, Excurtions, Counselling, Games,etc.)