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Have you ever thought of your potential as a youth?   Become a Crayon member today and witness what your youthfulness could yield.

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                                      Our Insight

Our greetings is CRAYON and the response is colour your future.

Ironically, we see the future of the youth to be oblique with current developments in the world. Attention giving to the youth is minimal and we continue to be at the loosing end. Evironmental,rights abuse, degredation, deforestatoin, excessive mining, arms trade which is fueling conflicts around the world, terrorism, racism, ethnic cleansing, filt, dieases, unemployment, wars, hunger and many more are what is faced by the youth of today. Our future is thus nothing to write home about.

Color your future simply means taking the bull by the horn and working towards a better future. When you colour something, it becomes bright.

Therefore CRAYON will do its little bit to salvage the future. Even if you pick a litter left on the floor and place it in a dust bin, you have contributed. If you ensure that nature is preserved, human rights is uphold at any conner,etc. you have done your bit.

Creativity is the hallmark to achieving our success. CRAYON considers each person as very important to the brighter future we yearn to have in this world.

  We believe that each person has somehing to offer. It is said that all riches are in the grave. Do not send your ideas, skills and talents to the grave: use it to help mankind because, that would yeild you a good name.

A new course must be paved now for the youth: you are part of the force we wish to use to influence leaders to enable us have a positive change.We are entitled to all rights.

This is the course seen through the eyes of CRAYON.

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